How is your food dehydration process?

We dehydrate natural foods using the “Drum-Dry” method. Our products are available in powder or flake form.

To rehydrate the product, depending on the use or the functionality, it can be applied directly on the formula or by adding water to obtain a semi-solid texture or a complete fluid.

What is the form or size of the products you make?

Our dehydrated food products are available in powder or flakes.

When fruits and vegetables are rehydrated by adding water, the result is a pureed version.
The beans become refried beans and the sauces maintain the look and texture of Mexican salsa.

What are the applications of dehydrated products?

In the manufacture and formulation of different food products, such as cereals and cereal bars, food supplements, dairy products, bakery products, confectionery and chocolate making, sauces and dressings, ready-to-eat meals, beverages, soups, baby food, pet food, etc.

They can be used in the manufacture of products for the foodservice market, ingredients for the food industry or for mass consumption products.

What is the minimum quantity of product per order?

Our minimum production batch is 1 ton.

We keep inventory of the line products we handle. We have committed inventory and safety stock for direct sales or to meet unexpected peaks in demand of our customers.

Our products are made from fresh crop products and therefore maintain a long shelf life. They are manufactured during high agricultural production seasons, so we request our customers to sign a supply contract where they commit to purchase an annual quantity. This allows us to offer competitive prices in large volumes.

If you request an out-of-season product, it will be quoted based on market prices, always looking for an annual negotiation that allows us to offer you the best prices.

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